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Joe Herrmann

The Critton Hollow String Band

About The Dulcimer Collection. Many people have asked why I started playing the dulcimer so I think I'll give you a brief history. It was 1974 when Joe, my fiddle playing spouse came back from the National Folk Festival in Washington D.C. He described an instrument that was built and played by Sam Rizzetta. His enthusiasm was quite impressive and a few weeks later I saw my first dulcimer at the Galax, Va. Fiddlers Convention. It was a homemade instrument, which in those days most of them were, and it was already pulling apart but something about it was enough to capture my heart. Thinking retrospectively, Ive always been curious about the paths we all take. If I was a reincarnationist I'd figure I needed to learn patience and tolerance this time around. Perhaps I played the dang thing in someone's court or some such thing, but alas it remains a curiosity. This compilation is an effort to bring 25 years of Critton Hollow's dulcimer history together on one recording. My style and energy absolutely depends on making music with others and especially with these guys in the band.

Of course I (we) hope you find this collection of tunes something you want to listen to often for a long time and perhaps we'll pass a tune or two from our hands to yours.

All the best to you,
Sam and the Joes

The Dulcimer Collection, 2001

- Robinson County     2:36
- Pretty Little Dog     3:32
- Little Billy Wilson     2:47
- The Flowers of Antrim     3:31
- Bonapart's Retreat     3:42
- The Scholar     2:00
- Hell Broke Loose in Georgia     2:48
- The Pig Ankle Rag     3:16
- Wooden Nickel     2:58
- Going Back to Israel     2:52
- St. Basil's Hymn     2:04
- Johnny Cope     2:41
- Brian Boru's     3:11
- Possum on a Gum Stump     2:45
- Great Dreams From Heaven     3:17
- Done Gone     3:07
- April Waltz     2:18
- The Black and White Rag     3:23
- Buffalo Gals     2:29
- Indian Nation     2:30
- Bell Cow/Grumbling Old Man & Growling Old Woman     3:38
- Samolyn Waltz/ Midwinters Waltz (Mark Schatz/ Larry Edelman)     4:36
- Lost Indian     3:02
- Irina's Waltz     2:22

To order by mail, please send a check or money order for $15 (please add $2/order for S&H), along with your mailing address, to: Joe Herrmann, 169 HRT, Paw Paw, WV 25434

Joe Herrmann, 169 HRT, Paw Paw, WV 25434     304-947-7314