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Joe Herrmann

The Critton Hollow String Band

There's a gentle breeze blowing through the trees of Critton Hollow, a peaceful spot nestled in the hills of West Virginia. Come up the windy dirt drive from Critton Hollow Road and come into the home of Sam and Joe Herrmann, a cozy place with high ceillings and wood floors, they built themselves with the help of some friends. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, come on into the living room and make yourself comfortable. Joe Fallon has driven up from the neighboring town of Berkeley Springs and Paul Kovac has made the long haul from Chardon, Ohio. They're all getting ready to do one of the things that they love most dearly in the world...making music togther. And that's what this record is about. -Mark Schatz

Cowboys and Indians, 1995

- Indian Nation     2:29
- The Rangers Command (Woody Guthrie)    3:03
- Going to the West     3:27
- Bell Cow/ Grumbling Old Man & Growling Old Woman     3:37
- Where Grass Won't Grow (Earl Montgomery)     3:02
- Cowboy's Wife's Lament     3:29
- Steals of a White Man     2:47
- Samolynn Waltz/ Midwinters Waltz (Mark Schatz, Larry Edelman)     4:37
- Lost Indian     3:03
- Lay Down, Little Doggies, Lay Down (June Drucker)    3:18
- Hard Road to Travel     2:17
- Ride, Cowboy Will, Ride (T.j. Skeen)     3:26
- Crow Creek     3:08
- Coat of Many Colors (Dolly Parten)    3:14
- Sally in the Garden     3:04
- Ain't No Ash Will Burn (Walt Aldridge)     2:52
- Irina's Waltz (Dirk Powell)     2:27
- Sing Me a Song (Ola Belle and Dave Reed)

To order by mail, please send a check or money order for $15 (please add $2/order for S&H), along with your mailing address, to: Joe Herrmann, 169 HRT, Paw Paw, WV 25434

Joe Herrmann, 169 HRT, Paw Paw, WV 25434     304-947-7314